Photo of Tuninetti, Daniela

Daniela Tuninetti

Professor, and Interim Department Head

UIC Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


Building & Room:

1038 SEO


851 South Morgan St.Chicago, IL 60607

Office Phone:

(312) 413-7431


Research Interests

  1. Information Theory: ultimate performance limits of multi-terminal networks.
    — Cache-aided networks.
    — Distributed Coded Computing and Coded Data Shuffling.
    — Index Coding: Pliable, Decentralized and Secure.
    — Wireless interactive (cooperative, or cognitive or with feedback) interference networks.
— Asynchronous massive access and sensor/IoT systems.
  2. Communication Theory: co-design of digital communication systems and sensing radar systems, and 5G systems.
    — Low-latency high-reliability communications.
    — Coexistence of communication and radar systems.
    — Fundamental limits of data systems with estimation and control constraints.
  3. Biomedical AI: design of on-demand / adaptive / closed-loop feedback-controlled Deep Brain Stimulator (DBS) for patients with pathological tremor (i.e., Parkinson’s Disease and Essential Tremor). Potential application to epilepsy, depression, chronic pain, etc.


Selected Grants

NSF, CIF: Small: Fundamental Tradeoffs Between Communication Load and Storage Resources in Distributed systems, PI (100%)

NSF, CIF: Medium: Delay, Reliability, Rate Tradeoffs in Wireless Broadcast Channels, co-PI (33.3%)

Publication Aggregators

Professional Leadership

Editor of IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications 2010-2014, IEEE

Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Information Theory 2014-2017, IEEE

Associate Editor of Elsevier Computer Communications Journal 2019-present, Elsevier

Board of Governor member IEEE Information Theory Society 2018-present, IEEE

Notable Honors

2002, Best Paper Award, EW2002 (European Wireless)

2006, Career Award 0643954, NSF

2010, COE Faculty Research Award, UIC

2015, University of Illinois Scholar, University of Illinois

2020-2021, Distinguished Lecturer, IEEE Information Theory Society

2021 - present, IEEE Fellow, IEEE


Ph.D. Electrical Engineering Telecom-ParisTech (former Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications de Paris), Paris, France, 2002

M.S. (Laurea, summa cum laude) Electrical Engineering, specialization Communications Politecnico di Torino, Torino, Italy, 1998

Professional Memberships

IEEE Fellow

Research Currently in Progress

Distributed Private Function Retreival; Coded Caching; Coded Distributed Shuffling; Pliable Index Coding; Fading Broadcast Channels in the finite-length regime.

Intellectual Property

Daniel Graupe, Daniela Tuninetti and Ishita Basu,
“Apparatus for managing a neurological Disorder”;
 US 8,391,986 B2; Filed: 05/12/2009; Issued: 03/05/2013; Est. Priority Date: 05/13/2008.