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Optimizing two-way communication with feedback



Problem Statement and Motivation

  • The utility of feedback has been studied under the assumption of perfect channel state information at the transmitter and receiver (CSITR).
  • Feedback is usually considered in one-way data communication scenarios but is more accurately accounted for in two-way time-varying scenarios.
  • We propose to extend the study of perfect one-way feedback to noisy feedback in two-way time-varying networks.
    • There are a number of tradeoffs particular to the two-way network setting; the exploration of these tradeoffs will increase packet efficiency


Technical Approach

  • We develop a new framework for two-way networks with feedback. It captures time-variation of wireless channels, accounts for training, feedback, ARQ and data bits, and incorporates network-coding and collaboration in retransmitted bits.
  • We evaluate the achievable throughputs in two-way point-to-point with feedback. We obtain the optimal packet resource allocations corresponding to different channel time-variation rates, noise powers, and receiver feedback protocols.
  • We evaluate the achievable throughputs in MABC with feedback. It provides whether, when and how to use network coding and collaboration in retransmitting packets, and how to optimize protocol parameters.


Key Achievements and Future Goals

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